Event series:

Building resilient economies and societies in the era of COVID-19

In partnership with Devex

The global crisis provoked by the COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on the importance of resilient economies and societies in a way no global institution has ever managed to do. The pandemic has highlighted the fragility of many jobs – and markets – across the globe and turned everyone’s attention to the importance of cooperation beyond borders and politics.

This three-part thought leadership series of online events explored how we build resilience in the economies and societies of developing nations, through the recovery from the crisis. 

Event one: Building resilience in times of disruption: Promoting long-term investments through the DFI model

This event looked at how the DFI model can help developing nations create resilient economies and societies by investing long-term and flexible capital to support businesses through the crisis and beyond to recovery.

Speakers included:

    • Jean-Paul Adam, Director for Technology, Climate Change and Natural Resources Management, U.N. Economic Commission for Africa
    • Yasemin Lamy, Deputy Chief Investment Officer for Catalyst Strategies, CDC Group
    • Vipul Parekh, Co-founder of Big Basket and Chief Marketing Officer, Big Basket
    • Raj Kumar, President and Editor-in-chief, Devex

Event two: Environmental resilience post-COVID-19: Moving the needle on climate action
As the world steps up efforts to tackle the massive challenges presented by coronavirus, it will be pivotal to ensure that efforts to rebuild economies support a transition to a sustainable and low- carbon economy – while keeping job retention and creation front and center.

Speakers included:

      • Amal-Lee Amin, Climate Change Director, CDC Group
      • Amar Bhattacharya, Senior Fellow at the Global Economy and Development Program, Brookings Institution
      • Kumayl Khaleeli, Chief Executive Officer, Zephyr Power
      • Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, President, Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad
      • Michael Igoe, Senior Reporter, Devex


Event three: Investing for the Future: Supporting women’s economic empowerment post-pandemic 

The current COVID-19 pandemic is not only a global health crisis, but a social and economic crisis that has disproportionately affected women by exacerbating already existing and intersecting forms of inequality. The negative economic impact of lockdowns and the decreased demand for goods and services often produced or provided by women are posing a real threat to women’s employment, livelihoods, and economic empowerment.

Speakers included:

    • Adva Saldinger, Associate Editor, Devex
    • Mary Ellen Iskenderian, President and CEO, Women’s World Banking
    • Arpita Raksit, Gender Lead, CDC Group
    • Anu Madgavkar, Partner, Mumbai McKinsey Global Institute
    • Mamoun Tahri Joutei, Head of Economic Intelligence Centre, BMCE Bank of Africa